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Welcome to Westside Auto Pros, your go-to destination for Acura repair and service in Clive & Des Moines, Iowa. With over 24 years of dedicated experience, we’ve earned a reputation as the trusted experts for maintaining and repairing Acura vehicles in Des Moines & Clive. Our unwavering passion for Acura cars and commitment to excellence distinguish us as the premier choice for your automotive needs.

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Common Acura Problems

It’s important to note that the reliability of Acura vehicles can vary, and not all owners will experience these problems. Regular maintenance, timely repairs, and staying informed about recalls or technical service bulletins can help address and prevent potential issues. Additionally, for the most up-to-date and model-specific information, it’s recommended to check with Acura dealerships or reliable automotive sources.

Transmission Issues: Some Acura models, particularly those equipped with automatic transmissions, have been reported to experience transmission problems. This may include slipping gears, rough shifting, or premature failure.

Brake Problems: Some Acura owners have reported issues with premature brake wear, including brake pad and rotor wear. It’s essential to keep up with regular brake maintenance to address these concerns.

Dashboard Display and Electronics: Acura vehicles may experience issues with the infotainment system, navigation, or dashboard displays. Problems such as screen freezes, unresponsive touchscreens, or malfunctions in electronic components have been reported.

Power Steering Problems: Some Acura models have had complaints about power steering issues, including noisy steering or a stiff steering feel. This could be attributed to problems with the power steering pump or related components.

Suspension System Concerns: Acura owners have reported problems with the suspension system, including issues with struts, shocks, and other components. This can result in a rough ride or uneven tire wear.

Engine Vibration: Some owners have reported vibrations or shaking sensations coming from the engine. This can be attributed to various factors, including engine mounts or other engine-related components.

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Expertise in Acura Repair & Service

What sets Westside Auto Pros apart is our deep-rooted expertise in Acura repair and service. Here’s why you can trust us with your Acura

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Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to Acura repair and service in Clive & Des Moines, Iowa, Westside Auto Pros stands as the trusted choice with over two decades of expertise. We understand the unique demands of Acura vehicles and are dedicated to keeping your luxury car performing at its best. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference that our Acura specialists can make for your beloved vehicle. Your Acura deserves nothing less than the best, and that’s what we deliver at Westside Auto Pros.